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Arathi’s Recipe

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Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well and fine. Today in Arathi’s Recipe, we are going to try out a juice Recipe. It is nothing other than our Coconut Juice. Coconut has many health benefits. It is very refreshing during the summer and it’s very yummy and tasty. When ever you have guests coming to your place, you can easily make it for them as we will be having shredded coconut at our home .This can be made very easily. Foe best results, serve immediately.

Please try out this yummy coconut juice recipe and let me know your thoughts. Would love to hear them all.


Coconut Shredded-1 Cup (please use fresh shredded coconut)
Sugar-4 to 6 Tbsp
Water-2Cups (Use normal water)

Please watch the video for further instructions.

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